Packaging Materials

Coex and Mono layer poly bags, sheeting, tubing, shrink films, low-melt bags, rubber bale wrap are all available and custom made to your specifications.


Cast Embossed Separator Films

We offer a wide range of LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE embossed films in either Diamond, Taffeta or Matte patterns. Mono-Layer and Coex.

These products are utilized as separator films for rubber and composites (pre-preg) applications. These films meet or exceed the most demanding requirements for release properties (a wide range of release properties to meet your needs), high temperature resistance, critical roll profile and strength.

These films are available in widths up to 87” and from 1.5 mil -12 mil.

High Density Burn Off Films

We are pleased to represent the number one manufacturer of torch grade roofing film North America. They specialize in consistent JIT deliveries of top quality film that is unmatched by the competition.

Markets: SBS and ABS torch grade roofing applications

HDPE and PP .35 mil – .6 mil With or without perforations

Up to 30” roll diameters

Multi-Layer Coextruded Films

Markets: Meat, Processed Foods, VFFS applications, Miscellaneous Industrial applications

Westwood Plastics represents one of the most unique, world class extruders and convertors in North America. Their industry leading experience with high barrier coex films dates back to the 1980’s and their latest acquisition is one of the most technologically advanced nine layer extruders available today. The equipment is capable of producing an incredible variety of barrier films that are able to meet the most demanding needs in the marketplace.

Adhesive and Extrusion Laminations

Westwood offers both adhesive and extrusion laminations for a many flexible packaging applications; VFFS, HFFS, liquid packaging and bulk dry packaging for hydroscopic products and industrial applications. We also offer eco-friendly water based adhesive laminations with superior bond strength and excellent profile. Substrates include: PET, OPP, Foil, PE, MET PET, MET OPP and more exotic materials as well. We specialize in working with our clients and manufacturing partners to create the right product to match the exact needs of the application.

Flexographic Printing

Up to 8 colors, using eco-friendly water based inks.

Rotogravure Printing

Up to 10 colors.

Specialized Converters

Westwood Plastics is able to supply a multitude of custom pouches for any application. Printed up to 10 colors, custom shapes, PTC and slider zippers, Stand-up pouches, Quad Seal pouches, flat pouches. If we have not mentioned what you are looking for, just ask us!